About Us

Considering the rising culture of the live performances in India We've decided to take yet another initiative through this website in order to promote such events and the artists in India. With this website we look forward to give the gig updates to the users.

The motive of the artist inventory is to give every single artist the platform to introduce themselves to every one and everyone to know more artists from their favourite genre. The artists will be able to give their upcoming gig's updates to everyone, letting more number of people to attend the gig. All the bands and the individual artists will be listed in a single page!

In collaboration with Think Metal Corp. we are trying to interview metal artists and get to know how music has changed their lives. That will motivate more artists and help them change their perspective towards Metal.

Taking the same thought to the new level we are promoting sketch artists as well and letting them portray their art on the website and sell it if they want to.

Further more we are letting the bands and the individual artists to put all their merchandise and the link where they are selling their merchandise. This will help the users to explore more information on one single website; no matter where the artists are selling their merchandise we will portray it here.

That will leave the user to scroll through all the Albums available, T-Shirts available, The Posters available without having to scroll through different websites and google searches :)

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Think Metal

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