• Zero Miles Fest - Chapter 1 on April 23 at AFK, pune

  • 2nd 3rd 4th Sept PILF @ YASADA

  • Nucleya @ High Spirits

  • Deccan Rock: The 4th Edition @ Hyderabad on Sept 24

  • 4th Sept Stormfest @ AFK Pune

  • Tribute to Metallica by Orion @HRC Pune, 1st September

  • Blood Eagle II pre gig @ AFK on 11th June Delhi

  • Hang Massive to perform in Mumbai, Banglore, Pune @Blue Frog

  • 17th March Coshish Live at HRC Pune

  • 12th and 13th March Matador Live at Euriska,Pune

  • Item - Act play performed at Aksharnandan Hall

  • Niranjan Pedhanekar strikes back with Machine

  • Godess Gags Bangs Back at Pune

  • Zygnema leads the flagship with Best Band #RSMA2016

  • #EDNA 2016 Announced in favour of Against Evil as Best Emerging Band

  • Albatross giving away Song Story Card with their latest album!

  • Nucleya to hit Pune again on 13th Feb!

  • High Spirit to host professional band contest starting from 7th Feb

  • Republic Sale to start at Bajaao and Furtados giving upto 40% off on Music Products

  • 5-7th Feb Indian Bikers Unite @ Mulik Ground, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

  • Shades of Hopes released New track from upcoming EP

  • Juggernaut releases new track "Why So Serious"

  • Voilent Upheaval releases Ab ki baar beef sarkar

  • Rectified Spirit Releasing full album The Waste Land @HRC Worli

  • System House 33 to release Regression album on 31st @HRC Worli

  • Dark Helm to perform new material @ Reverse Scenario

  • Primitiv to launch Album Immortal and Vile and release of new song world of zoro

  • Transcending Obscurity Announces release of Label Sampler Vol. I

  • Ragnhild releases new Hoodies

  • Vinaash Kaal launches All new coffee mugs

  • Sceptre Skullriper T is now available!

  • Armament Releases New T Shirts

  • Limited Primitiv Box Sets are Available for fans

  • Dirge to release new posters

  • Demonstealer T-Shirts are now available

abhimanyu singh negi

Interview with Abhimanyu Singh Negi

Q. With Evolution of New sound, Technologies and Art; Metal has evolved and developed many ways expressing various emotions. Have you observed Metal element somewhere other than Metal?

Yeah, any time I hear Metal in an unexpected place, I sit up and take notice. It's like an instant connection, I've heard metal songs in Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and jumped in my seat, sharing the excitement with all my non-metal friends, trying to tell them this is what it's all about haha!

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Chinmay Bokil Interview

Interview with Chinmay Bokil by Think Metal

Chinmay Bokil has been enthralling masses with his guitar playing since last 6 years in Metal Scene. His highly qualified skills and neo classical guitar solo's has attracted almost every metal enthusiast around the country. Bokil's contribution to Indian Metal Scene through his first metal band Bleeding Edge, then Halahkuh and now with Abraxas as bass guitar player can never be unnoticed.

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Think Metal Odd Digest

Think Metal : Odd Digest

From 27th December to 7th January campaign to promote "open a mind for open society" survey Named "THINK METAL - ODD DIGEST" involving random people from all background concerning two topics "People favoured Music" and "Legal Literacy" In India will be initiated by Niranjan Deshpande while travelling from Pune To Sankri (Deharadun) To Kedarkantha and back. integral part of the survey would be funds raised for Orphans at the orphanage near Deharadun as well. Before Think Metal Corporation has done Music Events, Poetry Slams, Shortfilm Festival in Aurangabad and Pune.

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Nishant Hagjer

Interview with Nishant Hagjer

I honestly think we should not try to recruit people into this genre. Metal fans are the most loyal fans out there in the world. That’s the beauty of this genre. They stick for the music, the lyrics, the crazy stage antics, the wake up call about what the actual fuck is happening in the world. It only attracts people that are meant to be attracted.

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Pritesh Prabhune

Interview with Pritesh Prabhune

What is Thinking Metal for you? - Take no shit, be aware of things happening around you, stand up for yourself and when the time comes - fight fire with fire!

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Himanshu Vaswani

Interview with Himanshu Vaswani by Think Metal

I don’t think I am an atheist. That said, I am far from religion. Religion was retrofitted in our society. It’s man made and serves as crutches for the weaker men who need it. To each his own. Metal does get you lesser money than other music forms. But since when was any of this about money?

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Sushan Shetty

Interview with Sushan Shetty by Think Metal

I have always believed that religion was formed a 'means of administration'. Religion is not really an obstacle for metal, it's just the stereotypical mentality, which again I believe is due for change with time.

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Yash Pathak Interview

Interview with Yash Pathak by Think Metal

I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in the existence of God. Most of the time I’m surrounded by orthodox people.I was once asked to go home from work coz I wore a tee where the Devil was holding holy sacrament in his hand. Like come on dude! If you are ok sacrificing animals in the name of God how would it matter if devil is holding sacrament in his hand.

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Snehadeep Bapat Interview


Video Interview with Snehadeep Bapat (Depths Of Suffering)

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Vehrnon Ibrahim Interview

Interview with Vehrnon Ibrahim by Think Metal

Other than musicality, what drove you towards metal? In a word – ideology… growing up in thein the 80s there was an ever present threat of nuclear war and this depressed and demotivated the crap of me...

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